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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Let the Madness Begin!

I got up early to go shopping. I also got Justin up to go with me. And for a second there, I thought about just going back to bed. Our niece's and nephew's don't care if we got their gifts on sale at 6 am. They only care if the present they open from us are cool. We want to be the cool Aunt and Uncle. But I want to get things on sale. I want to say, "Look at all the money I saved, let's get a latte." So that's what we did.

For those of you who are amazed that Justin did this with me don't worry, I didn't make him. On Thanksgiving day, after we ate our celebrated turkey and ham we were going to watch a movie. However he spent the next 4 or so hours on the phone chatting with his dad, leaving me to well, sleep off the turkey effect. But I was lonely and felt abandoned. But I was not as helpless as his dad. Justin sent him his wireless setup and he was helping him install it over the phone. Sounds ok until the computer didn't like something. Stupid computers! It's Thanksgiving and it was throwing a fit! So the next 3 hours was spent troubleshooting it. So it really wasn't anyone's fault, but I was still alone.

So he wanted to go shopping with me. We had fun picking up movies and CD's and clothes and kids toys. And since we went early enough to Target, we only had to maneuver around a few extra people in the store and we didn't even have to wait in line to check out. It was a festavis miracle!

But we did hear about horrors over at the Wal-Mart while waiting for a latte and an eggnog latte. You people shouldn't be allowed to shop on Black Friday. And just for that reason, I only go to every other store besides Wal-Mart.

So give me about a week and I'll be done shopping and I'll get to skip the next madness--the day before Christmas. I'll be at home sipping a latte watching a movie while my husband talks his dad through changing his log-in name and password. Hopefully this time the computer will have the holiday spirit.


TonyM said...

Whad'ja buy me?

Writinggal said...

I can't wait to get my chimenea in the mail from you!

Jessi said...

Mr. T, if I tell you it won't come true!

WG it's on special order! I had to get the right one.

Geoff said...

I lined up at Best Buy at 12:30am so I could pick up two computers for $150 each.

I've never experienced madness like that before. I almost got in a fight!!

Jessi said...

We went to that BB around 9am. Were you one of the many peeps who didn't clean up their Starbucks coffee cups? Man there was crap every where.

So how are the computers?

Geoff said...

Nope, I had my own gigantic coffee mug from home. With a full pot of coffee in it. And no bathroom around.

So, no you didn't see my coffee cup, but you may have stepped in my urine. Did you pass by any of the trees?

And the computers are still boxed up. They are gifts. Can't go wrong with $150 machines, even if they are eMachines. Ask Justin if you have no idea what I am talking aboot.

Patt said...

did you buy me owt?its nearly my birthday .well it will be in april!

Jessi said...

Welcome Pat! I've seen you over at Readbecca's. I'm scared to leave a comment over there. She might yell at me :)

Hmmm, you typed an owt, not sure if that's an 'owl' or something Scottish. But I think they are endangered here. I could be wrong.