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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

10 Things About Kwandee

- Kwandee is not mentally challenged (as this photo might suggest).

- Kwandee is a fraud specialist. She can tell if you are lying.

- Kwandee eats a lot of pizza and hamburger helper. She also loves vitatops.

- Kwandee gets drunk and falls down in the bathroom.

- Kwandee is moving to Texas with her 2 dogs and her 2 horses. She should fit right in with the dogs.

- Kwandee drinks water from a sippy cup because "it's fun".

- Kwandee's name apparently isn't Kwandee. It's Quaaaadeee.

- Kwandee has a lot of friends at work. We are jealous of her hamburger helper skinny ass.

- Kwandee doesn't know what we have planned for her today. I hope she almost cries.

- Kwandee gave me all of her hair ties and I haven't given them back. I guess they are mine now(except the two in the photo). Thanks Kwandee.


Crystal said...

Awww, we will miss Jen-a-dactyl!

I'm so glad that I took that pic of her! It's perfect here on your site! :)

Monique said...

Jessi this is perfect. You almost made me cry....We Love you Jen

Jessi said...

Mo you aren't supposed to cry! We have to make her cry.

We could relive one of these moments. She wanted me to bring her a beer for lunch. So we'll have beer, a drunk Kwandee and a bathroom. It could be tender!

Monique said...

Aww....Sounds like good times to me...psst she alos likes those special Jello mixes...wink wink

TonyM said...

hey - i wanna party with ya'll!

Jessi said...

Plenty of food leftover! Except the cookies. Those are gone.

And Jen almost cried.

Writinggal said...

A girl who likes vitatops and sippy cups? Where in Texas is she moving to? We can be friends!

Geoff said...

Oh, God, please update your blog. Everytime I check, Kwandee scares the living crap out of me!

Jessi said...


Don't even talk about updating my blog! I should change your link name again.

Actually I have one written, I just need photos but I can't find any good ones. So I need to scan them in.