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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

April 2nd is THE day

THE day=Braces come off! The almost 2 1/2 years has left me with very nice, straight teeth (with a minor cross bite that will never be fixed I was told today, but who cares). He warned me that they'll look nice when they come off. I'll take his word for it on April 2nd.

Exciting news #1--Braces Deadline

Exciting news #2--Secret Sauce

I can't tell you excatly what it is but Justin, who is awesome by the way, got me a "seasoning packet" for something that we can't buy out here. So needless to say, I'm double excited.

I still haven't opened my serger. I think after the gym tonight I'll finally open the box and try it out. I miss sewing. But I'm still excited for this machine.


Writinggal said...

Good thing the ortho didn't say April 1st was the day.

Jessi said...

I know my friend told me the same thing. But April 1st is Sunday.


-Tony- said...

Secret Sauce?

Did he whip it up already or is that later on (wink wink)