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Monday, June 18, 2007

It's On

Full strength - baby fever that is. Going to a double baby shower probably didn't help my situation out at all. Justin and I drove up to Utah to see my sister and attend a shower for my Aunt and a Cousin. It was good to see everyone but the talk was babies. "When are you going to have one?" "Your mom is waiting." FYI - I doubt that. She's got four to play with.

Or my Grandma Dot saying, "I've got too many. I don't need anymore at my age." Phew, we're off the hook with her at least.

Speaking of Grandma Dot - While Justin, Heather and my Grandma (Dot's daughter) sat back laughing, I was trying to cram her into the van after the shower. She was laughing and teasing me the whole time. "Ouch that hurts! Just kidding." According to Justin, it was the funniest thing he's seen in a long time. I'm glad someone was having a good time.

Overall, everyone seems to be doing well up there. All of my little cousins are grown up, married and/or having babies. These are kids I knew when they were born. Some I didn't get to see because they aren't around anymore. Sarah and her big sister Angel whom I miss, are off working at Disney World. Their dad, my Uncle, likes to read my blog. This is my shout-out to you Doug! And I forgot to give you that playbill for Avenue Q again. It'll eventually end up in your hands.

I'll be heading up there again over the 4th of July week for a secret surprise party for the Dot-ster. She's turning 90 and doesn't know everyone's coming up. As I said good-bye to her yesterday, she said to me, "Should I cry because you're leaving?"
"Only if you want to." The Dot-ster is quite the jokester.


geeeek said...

Ahh yes, Baby Fever. Our friends Craig and Ashley are going through it right now, too. But, from what I understand, they are currently "practicing" so it sounds like they'll be a family of 3 sooner rather than later.

Question for ya... how would a pregnancy figure in to your half-marathon training schedule? I'm not being funny here, I'm genuinely curious. I don't know what the rules are for moms-to-be with regards to running.

Jessi said...

That's a very good question John.

I actually read a post on a running forum about that. Apparently it's not uncommon for chicks to do races early on in a pregnancy without knowing. No complications for them either. I guess if your body is used to training it shouldn't be a problem. Who knows.

Why is Chris pregnant? :)

-Tony- said...

Hey- so are you going to get the Dot-ster's dentures?

I don't know if the world is really ready for baby Justin's running around.....the one you're married too is a lot already!

Jessi said...

Dot is leaving me her scooter and her cane that she beats me with.

Yes, but I've 'Justin' experience now!

heather said...

Ya, it's even harder when your best friend is pregnant with her second. I can never get away from it! I just think misery loves company.

Jessi said...

Probably. Just embrace it. You'll never get away from it.

doug said...

Wow! It's Uncle Doug here! I've done it. Penetrated your blog.
See you at the Dot-sters surprise party.

Crystal said...

Babies are gross.

heather said...

Make that 2 best friends who are now pregnant!

Jessi said...

Guess the pressure is on eh? Just give in. You know you want like 2 or 3 of them. You can't fight it forever!