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Monday, July 16, 2007

Whoppers vs. Maltesers

In 6 months, I'll be heading over to London for my 30th birthday. To get started with the celebrations, Justin and I have been reading about London, Great Britain, England and any other books on the area. It's really all the same isn't it my British friends? Just kidding.

Anyway, we visited our local British food store over the weekend. Justin's been on the hunt for these things called Maltesers. Apparently, they are the British version of whoppers. I like whoppers only at Halloween. They aren't an everyday type sweet for me. I don't even consider them a treat. Just another chocolate sweet in the sea of chocolate sweets.

But Maltesers are a bit different. Like all chocolates in Europe, they know what's up. Our chocolate can't even compare to this rich treat (yes, Maltesers are a treat). It takes this somewhat boring sweet to the next level. I actually like Maltesers and it's not even close to Halloween.

So if you have a British store in town, pick some up. They are also available on line.


MEG said...

Local British food store? Maltesers aside, I thought all British food consisted of dumping various flavorless items into a pot until the concoction achieved negative flavor.

In fact, the only time I hear anything positive about British food, it's in regard to Indian food. I guess empire is good for something. :)

Geoff said...

Maltesers are also very popular in Canada. That whole British colony thing, I suppose.

I hate Whoppers...but I love Maltesers. I'm going to Canada next week. Want me to bring you back some? Will cost you must less than I'm sure the British store overcharged you for.

Jessi said...

Yes please Poodle!

Mike, we were actually talking about the food with our British friend yesterday. His wife hates British food including Indian. Which I thought was surprising.

I'm not going to let bland food stop me from enjoying my time there. As long as I have Maltesers to fall back on :)

-Tony- said...

I heard the same thing about British dinning until I went to London last October. We were taken to a very posh resturant for dinner by a friend from our neighborhood there on business, that meal was AMAZING! So the hunt is on!

Writinggal said...

You get to go to London for your 30th? I only got to go to Las Vegas! But I guess when you already live in Vegas...

I happen to LOVE Whoppers so I bet I could easily develop a dangerous addiction to Maltesers.

Crystal said...

I like Maltesers. I had them in AU and I see them at the international store.

Anonymous said...

I moved to England recently, and Maltesers are now available just round the corner. They are delicious; far, far superior to Whoppers.

In addition to Maltesers, the British make delicious cheese, tasty bread, wonderfully pungent mustard, and mighty fine beer. They also treat vegetarians (I am one) with courtesy, as everything is nicely labeled.

Yes, the British also make some horrible food, but then, so do Americans -- and just about everyone else, for that matter.

AJ - Sierra Vista, AZ said...

Maltesers are also available at World Market.

Jessi said...

AJ - Good to know! I love to get fun treats at that store, yet another reason for me to go!

ZaffieKitten said...

I live in australia, and have no idea what whoppers actually taste like, but i was trying to explain what maltesers are to my american friend. Nice to know that ours are better =P
Maltesers are delicious!! ^_^

Bob Smith said...

Maltesers's are made by an American company...Mars!

They just don't produce them in the U.S. So American chocolate treats can be good!,_Incorporated

Munchy78 said...
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Munchy78 said...

hi there, would just like to point out that Maltesers are better than Whoppers. I live in England and a local american import sweet shop sells them. i bought a bag of both. Maltesers are lighter, the chocolate is nicer and they are healthier too.

Calories in a 55 gram pack of Maltesers: 189 cals

Calories in a 49 gram pack of Whoopers: 220 cals

MALTESERS ALL THE WAY... English chocolate for the win