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Monday, August 27, 2007

I know I'm slacking but there's a good reason!

After two weeks of craziness at work, I was finally able to relax somewhat this weekend. My mind was officially gone when I started to quote people flights from locations they weren't at. I knew it was time to go home on Friday.

I was determined NOT to think about work. (fyi: I'm planning this huge convention/show/event whatever you want to call it. Booking airfare, scheduling shuttles and anything else that goes along with it for 150 people.) It's all waiting for me today. Yeah!

I actually sewed on Saturday and Sunday. It was relaxed until I f-'d up my serger. Finally realizing I just needed new needles. I'm an idiot. I made 1 top and started on another one (hope to have it finished tonight). I still suck somewhat at sewing clothes but I'm learning. And the serger makes things look nicer. If I can only thread it faster.

Justin and I went out to eat on Friday. We read on our Thailand guide book to leave some food on our plate since it's a sign to the host that you were well taken care of. But it was mentally hard to leave any amount of a $20 piece of fish on my plate. But we managed to do it.

Oh and we are going to Thailand :) Justin's friend in Minnesota is getting married. So we are heading to Bangkok in January the day after my birthday for his wedding. But I still get to go to London for my birthday. Just a week later. We'll make it around the world. I think that's cool!

Well here's to a week that less hectic and idiotic. Oh and to a 3-day weekend on Friday!


heather said...

You're going to Tailand?! Wow, ya'll are travelin' fools next year! I thought his friend didn't even have a girlfriend yet.

Jessi said...

Ya, gotta get in as much travelling as possible!

No girlfriend, someone to marry :) He just skipped that step.

heather said...

Hahahaha!!! Are ya'll going to the reunion too? AND the cruise! It sounds like us last year. Oh, to have money again!

-Tony- said...

don't forget all the shots you have to!

Stella said...

who is getting hitched?

that's awesome! i hear thailand is incredible. oh hey, do you remember our friend brian dale from colorado and also one of our groomsmen? he lives in london now. you guys should hook up when you are there! would you guys want to connect?

Jessi said...

Adit is getting married!! Amazing I know. :)

Of course we remember Brian! I'll talk to Justin.

Stella said...

WH-WHAT???? Adit? Wow! Well, congratulations to him.

If you guys want Brian's info just let me know and I'll pass it on.

heather said...

Okay blog girl, it's time to blog some more. I need some entertainment at work!

Jessi said...

you work?!

heather said...

Just for the next 3 weeks, then I'll be studying my bootay off to finish my training.