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Monday, March 17, 2008

Hodge Podge

I'm wearing a mint green sweater without thinking about the date today.

We had a few friends over for Justin's birthday on Saturday. We played Rock Bank for the first time and had fun. I would have taken photos but Justin misplaced our memory card somewhere in the house. Those things are TINY.

Last weekend while Justin was out of town, I painted our guest bathroom. I even replaced the faucet. Yes, I did. The best was so easy! It doesn't leak, it looks awesome and I love to turn it on. I'd show you photos of before and after but...

Besides my bathroom redo, I've got a bunch of sewing/craft projects in the planning stages but I NEED to finish them. Work is draining my ability to get anything done. I assume that happens to everyone but it makes me feel lame for not finishing projects.

We finally saw No Country for Old Men. I liked it. Justin felt it was unresolved but I liked it that way. And we also saw The Music Man (original version, none of this Matthew Broderick crap). Can you believe Justin has NEVER seen this movie. And he still hasn't because he fell asleep. Ok, I put the movie on at 1 am so that would explain it, but he still wants to see it.

What did everyone do this weekend?


MEG said...

Give Justin a belated birthday spanking for me. Thanks.

Mememememeeeee said...

We're going to a party tonight since we're spring breakin it.

GeeeeK said...

My weekend was sorta busy. Well, Saturday anyway.

Friday night 11PM: poker tourney until 2:30am
Saturday 11AM: Pinball Hall of Fame
Saturday 2:30PM: Movies - Doomsday
Saturday evening: Rock Band at Foell Manor
Sunday: Slept until noon and from 2:30 - 4:30
Sunday evening: watched A Beautiful Mind

I need a nap.

-Tony- said...

Hey - thanks for reminding me it was his B-Day!

BTW, you actually know someone personally that was in the original cast for "The Music Man".....Steve Abrams. He was a little kid at the end playing the bass drum.