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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Sometimes, I want to click the "easy" button. I think life would be so much easier, don't you? This election, I definitely need the easy button. I don't favor one over the other. I get frustrated during debates with all their circle talking. I'm tired of all the campaigning. Back and forth. If only there were something that would help me pick a candidate. Something where I could see which candidate shares my views. Hmmmm.

Oh, wait.

I think I found something.

I love me some Public Radio! (booo, to all you who hate it)

If you need help deciding (cause we've only got like 2 weeks left), check this out. It's what I needed. Thanks MPR.

I'm not going to tell you which candidate shared my views. That's my right as an American not to tell. But you're welcome to tell me.


Todd said...

I'm so jealous you live in the MPR market, that's just awesome. Evidently I got Obama and Nader neck and neck! Through other polls I actually track a little closer to Cynthia McKinney, the Green Party candidate. How did I turn into such a hippie?

Oh and your post reminded me just so much of this I had to share

MEG said...

John McCain shared your views.

Oh, that's not what you meant.

Jessi said...

Ya, I probably should have clarified, but I didn't.

Why do you think McCain is my man?

John said...

Jessi, I suggest you check out - it's a pretty cool site where you put in what's important to you and it matches you up to the candidates based on your responses. It also gives you links to speeches and interviews where he talks about the things that you and he/her agree upon.

The site is great. And because of it, I'm voting for Pee Wee Herman! Turns out we think alike in every way...