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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Really? Seriously?

Why do people insist on sitting next to me on the bus when there are about 15 empty seats around? Especially towards the end of the route? Just move over and take up your own room. It's easy and I won't get offended.

And, AND! Why does it always smell like crap? People, we all have to use the bus, crap at home.

Oh, AND! Please don't lean forward to talk on the phone. You're basically in my ear, I can hear everything you're telling your friend. About how you don't play girls like that. You know, man? I'm fo real!


juliemac said...

a guy sneezed me on me on the el today - i nearly decked him. i totally get it... and i have no idea why people do it... so gross.

- jm

-Tony- said...

You've both just helped me make up my mind to continue to drive myself to work. Thanks!

Jessi said...

Was it a sneeze that left snot on you? Cause that's my fear right now. Especially right now that people are really getting sick here.

This is my though process on the matter:

Me: Listening to my mp player, blocked by my seat partner (cause I'm always one of the first riders on the bus) so there's honestly no escaping.

Nasty person behind me: leaning forward and hacking and then SNEEZING snot into my hair!

Me: Instinct says to reach back and feel what just happened but I've trained my hand not to. Instead, vomiting induces and I it hits the person in front of me.

Basically, a train wreck. But on a bus. This is my fear.

Oh, and the fear of us picking up this guy in a wheelchair. That's not the problem. The problem is he smells like URINE! URINE!!!! When I see him, I open the window and try to hold my breath for the last 20 min of my bus ride. Sad, but true.

One of these days, I am going to vomit on the bus.

Todd said...

I -want- to be a friend to the environment use public transportation. The problem is that I -want- to get where I'm going without the smell of urine, vomit and inapproprate phone conversations unless -I- am the one responsible for the smells or conversations.