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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

A Decade in Review

2000 - Was excitingly dating Justin Foell from Minnesota while I lived in a small basement apartment with 5 windows, a killer dog upstairs named "Gangster"(who once tried to bite my face off when I gave him water. Jerk) and his owner "Chris LaDoux" (Can't remember his real name. But he was hick-ish and smoked pot at 5am before working construction.) Hank Hill lived across the street. As did an old bitty who was 90 and called me "Suzie Q!" She also drank her pee. She told me.

2001 - Planned a wedding, got married, moved out of the basement apt (goodbye $300 rent, Chris, Gangster, Hank and Old Bitty!) and moved into our first house (hello mortgage payment!).

2002 - Still in school, worked at the steakhouse off and on as I liked (or didn't like - some managers were JERKS!). Had to sell the house due to layoffs, and moved in with Granny for a few months.

2003 - FINALLY found a cool apartment in downtown SLC. We were hip, until my Jeep was broken into like 3 times. Oh ya, I had a JEEP! It was AWESOME! Justin had a new job too! But it didn't last long and found another one in Vegas. I graduated and we made the move. Scully was my graduation gift. Tender!

2004 - At first, I thought our new apartment was an old folks home because we were the youngest ones there. Turns out, it wasn't an old folks home, but we were the youngest ones there. Jean, our neighbor, would drink and drive a lot. She was also on blood thinners. That's why she wobbled. Sure, Jean. I landed a sweet editing job and sold the jeep at the first sign of hot-ness (you know, 120 degrees. I not kid.)

2005 - Decided to buy another house. This time, we built one. We closed on our anniversary. Tender, again! BUT, then I lost my job. However, I landed another one by that December. I also ran a marathon, vowing to never do that again.

2006 - Started working for the same company as Justin (but we didn't work together). I had high hopes, but they quickly faded when my boss went on maternity leave the day I started. Here starts 2 years of frustrating work.

2007 - I ran a marathon, again. Actually, it was 12 miles. It could have been better. We took a cruise with my family to Central America, we traveled to Idaho for my g-granny's 90th, and we went to San Francisco for the first time.

2008 - We went to Thailand for a wedding and then spent my birthday in London. (Go ahead, be jealous.) I quit my job and we moved to Minnesota where I now work for tpt (PBS affiliate in the Twin Cities - Love it!). I got knocked up and enjoyed a symptom free first trimester.

2009 - It was cold. COOOOOLD all throughout my pregnancy. I wore sweaters one week before Jules was born. IN.JUNE. We spent the rest of the summer traveling to Nebraska, Utah, South Dakota, and Indianapolis trying to take advantage of their warm temps. We bought another house and did lots of updates before Jules arrived. We have, yet again, another old bitty who lives next door. But she's the nicest, sweetest old lady out there. We are also the proud owners of a snow blower. Because, for reals. I'm not shoveling anymore.


Crystal said...

Sounds like an eventful decade! I miss "tender" awwwww.

Cory and I just talked about when Pam left for maternity leave. I didn't even meet for for the first couple of months of working there.

Carly said...

You forgot to mention that in 2004 when you scored your sweet editing job that you were working with me! I remember the jeep too. Wow, time flies, huh!? Good luck with the snow blower. cbcbcb