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Monday, May 03, 2010


I think I just saw a drug deal go down.

It reminds me of the time I saw some people "meet up" for s.e.x. in the parking lot of my old job. Multiple times.

Did I just see...

No, that didn't just happen!

Wait, yes! OMG. For reals!


JenQ said...

I was just telling someone about that parking lot love affair the other day. hahaha

Jessi said...

Heh, good times.

Crystal said...

What old job would that be?! What S>E>X> would that have been?! I thought you and Justin just went to Jimmy Johns. haha

Jessi said...

LOL Crystal, it was at PW when we were downstairs when Jen and I sat together (you were in the pod too, weren't you?). I started noticed this truck drive around the parking lot and then park in the back and then another car pull up and a chick got out and hopped in his truck.

This happened a bunch of times! And we could clearly see clothes being taken off!