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Friday, September 10, 2010

And Just Like That...

We have fall weather.

I've only been here two years and I already want to move to the one place that truly has four seasons.


Not Nevada. Not Texas. Not Minnesota.


Baby Jules doesn't even have any long-sleeved shirts or pants. Because it's SEPTEMBER and we should still be wearing SHORTS and T-SHIRTS.

Ok Justin, you win.


JustinF said...

I would only win if we were truly trying to sell our home and move :-/

Jessi said...

I shouldn't be too upset. It'll be nice for our bike ride this weekend.

And baby Jules does have 2 long-sleeve shirts. But still. It's not like we can swap out his wardrobe.

Hawaii in February is looking pretty sweet right now.

Heather said...

Didn't I send some fall clothes? How bout that cute monkey hoodie? Let me know when you move back to Utah...I may join you.

-Tony- said...

No really? You want to move back to Utah? Well!