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Friday, October 01, 2010

Busy Boy

He's busy these days (no idea with what, but he's ALWAYS walking around like he's got things to do).

I've been (surprisingly!) busy at work. You may see me on Facebook and you're right, I am! But it's for work. "Riiiiiiiight Jessi" I know, sounds fake but for reals, I'm actually helping a department use it to their advantage. So I get to figure everything out before pretending I'm the expert and show them how to use a certain app or whatever they want.

Justin's about to be more busy too which is also good. Busy = work = money. Amazing how that works. So with that, I'm doing a modified work schedule starting Monday. (Can I just say that my company is awesome offering alternative schedules? Well they are!)

Anyway, so ya, I'll be able to spend some more time with Jules and Justin will get a break. Hopefully this will be a nice balance.

He's getting so big and smart, I don't want to miss anymore of his cuteness.

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