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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Peter Pan Fan

I loved Peter Pan when I was younger. Well, I should say, when I was 12. It was just a sweet, fun, adventurous story. I haven't seen it since. But I somehow own the dvd - pre-Jules. Weird.

I showed it to him the other night and, wow, is that a violent and somewhat scary cartoon for kids. This is the most violence Jules has seen and naturally, he's glued to it.

It's much different than Thomas & Friends' gentle "James was cross," or "Cinder and Ashes!" Peter Pan has sword fighting, beating up girls, missing hands, bombs, drowning, and pirates.

But then it ends so sweetly.

I think I'll hold off showing him Bambi.


-Tony- said...

On a visit to Disney World many years ago we saw the characters in the hotel lobby where they would go up to toddlers and none of them seemed to be scared or surprised. I wondered what that oversized yellow bear or a human sized cricket would look like to a little kid. I guess if they can't attach themselves to the action or meaning behind the story line and just get involved with the movement and the beautiful colors it's ok to let them watch it.

Jessi said...

Maybe to see a big, over-sized bear or mouse, they'd be more in shock than fright.

He understands the story for the most part but obviously misses stuff.