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Friday, January 13, 2006

Hot Tip #2: Organizing

Do you come home to a house that bombards you with clutter? Do you have so much stuff that you don't know what to do with it all? Do you still have things in boxes from your move 18 years ago? If yes to any of these questions, I can help. What you need my friend is a little organization and good session of de-cluttering.

The first rule of getting your crap together or thrown out is: do you use it now? If you haven't touched it in over 6 months, throw that crap out! Now of course there are exceptions. Justin and I do fondu for Christmas Eve dinner every year. So I don't touch that stuff for almost a year. That's an exception. So think about that when you start going through everything. But don't be like, "Well I used it in 1991, I know I'll use it again." Doubt it my friend. Throw it or donate it.

Hey, sometimes you might get in a wild mood on a Tuesday night to do this. Don't. You'll have your house in an even bigger mess because you can't get it all done on a Tuesday night. This is from experience. So spare yourself that.

If it still works, but you don't use it (or haven't touched it in 8 years), donate it. If it's broken and you've been dumb enough to keep it for this long, throw it out. Think of all the joy someone else might have with your 15 year-old set of hot rollers. Pure joy!

Clutter not only will take over your house, but it will take over your life. Things have to have a place. If they don't, get rid of it. Or get some storage solutions! People, let's not live like slobs. Make it a habit to go through your stuff at least once a year. Because honestly, are you really going to use that telephone (missing the receiver) again? Throw it out!


Todd said...

A kindred spirit. This is exactly my concept of "stuff" if I haven't used it in ages, it's out of here. I used to be a total packrat but have since seen the light. And there's nothing like moving to really kick that into gear.

Jessi said...

Oh excatly! When we moved this last time I was like, "we just moved this box full of stuff and we don't even know what's in it!"

It was insane. But now I miss something that I'll have to buy again. That sucks.

Writinggal said...

I am the queen of throwing stuff out. I love it. Just threw out some clothes this weekend (donated). Here's a good rule about clothes: If you buy something new, you have to throw something out. But Jessi, what about sentimental stuff? I feel bad throwing away cards but I don't really ever look at them either!

Jessi said...

Yes, the rule, bring one in, throw one out. Please be aware of that rule everyone.

As for sentimental stuff: you'll have the memory and that is the important thing. So you'll have to go through it to decide what you want to keep. Keep one or two that really mean something to you. (Like wedding cards, b-day cars, etc.) Plus aren't they just going to sit in a drawer anyway?

TonyM said...

And we all know how hot you look with big curls! Maybe you could get that guy next to you at work to help out with those curlers?

Jessi said...

Hey, I like big curls! But I actually gave my set away years ago (and no it wasn't 15+ years old). I do want another one tho.

And as for the guy next to me, as gay as he could be, I doubt he could do my hair. It's unruly!

TonyM said...

A gay man with a curling iron and a can of White Rain would make you look fab!

Jessi said...

Anything else but White Rain, Please!