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Monday, April 17, 2006

Tan Fat is Better than White Fat

No one has told all the whities that have come out from under a rock. This past weekend was beautiful here in Vegas. Seriously, if it could stay like this, I'd love this place. But for now I'll just enjoy it as long as possible.

White legs everywhere. I'm guilty too, but I only wear shorts at home and not out in public because I know my legs are whiter than snow. But I'm working on that. Got me some Target brand daily gradual self-tanner. It's pretty gradual...haven't noticed anything yet. But when I do, shorts will be my daily weekend wear.

But everyone else, please keep the shorts on (unless you're a red-head and naturally white) until you darken those saddle bags.


Todd said...

I agree that it's an eyesore but having lived here as long as I have, I don't have the patience to wait. I figure as long as everyone else is doing it, I can too. If you still have white legs in May, then you've waited too long and have to do something about it. For me, the second it warms up, the shorts come out.

Jessi said...

I see, so all the people who are guilty of showing too early are old-timers here in Vegas.

Give me 4 more years and I won't care either.

Lorraine said...

Let me know how the Target brand works. I bought some from Bath & Body Works last year and it turned me ORANGE!

Jessi said...

Ya I've noticed that B&BW does that.. and makes your skin smell really funny.

So far Target brand doesn't smell funny, but I guess the gradual is really gradual. Maybe by Sat/Sunday this week I'll be a little darker. No so blinding.

TonyM said...

Can't you just go outside and get a real tan like everyone else?

Jessi said...

Skin cancer...Scorpio.

Writinggal said...

Totally agree about tan fat v. white fat. I thought I made it up! Also, the Jergens stuff is pretty gradual and sometimes makes my calves look like a ran through mud.

Jessi said...

We used to say it at the beginning of tour...before we were all so tan you couldn't recognize us.