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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Don't leave me Communards

I have to run an audition this weekend and I asked Tony for a fun piece of music. He sent me about 10 songs. So I listen to them. Some I'd heard and others I haven't.

When this one came on I totally loved it and remembered it from Viva Blackpool (BBC America). Most of the time I couldn't understand the actors, but when songs came on, I connected! And of course I found the music video with my mad internet skills. So get ready for some toe-tapping, seat dancing music you probably haven't heard in a while. Or I'm just so forgetful. Enjoy!


TonyM said...

I want an asymetrical hair cut!

Jessi said...

I knew you would.

geeeek said...

But seriously, can't we just call them "The 'Nards"?

Jessi said...

Ok I'll re-title it for you Geeeek (and I can't manage to type 4 E's).

"Don't leave me Nards"