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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Utah huh?

Going up to Utah today. This reminds me of all those times I drove down to Las Vegas to see Justin. (In case some of you didn't know, he took a job here while I was finishing up school, so we lived apart for about 4 months. It sucked!)

So after my Friday nutrition class I would head out for Las Vegas. Both ways I would listen to "A Mighty Wind" soundtrack. Silly I know, but the songs were funny. (I'm really racking up the music themed blogs lately!)

So yesterday, I jammed that cd into my player and rocked out (more like 'folk-singer-rock-out') on my way home from work, anticipating my Utah trip today. I could do that since I was the only one driving. Justin thinks the soundtrack is stupid. My in-laws thought you had to be "loopy" on booze to even make it through the movie. They fell asleep.

So I brought the cd with me incase I get the urge. I know Justin won't get the urge (or maybe the urge to throw it out the window) but I can force it when I drive.

"I'm the driver, I pick the music!"

It's painful sometimes when you're the passenger. You have NO say in music. Oh these rules suck sometimes. I'll let you know how many time I get to listen to it. I'm aiming for just on time. I want Justin to like me this weekend.

Have a great weekend everyone!


TonyM said...

Ya'll have a nice time with the Marmoons!

I'm with you sista! Driver has final say on tunes!

Jessi said...

Well it's only in your favor if you are the driver.

But I want to pick the music all the time!

Todd said...

This is why I just always drive. Only relinquishing the wheel if in danger of falling asleep and killing the whole carload of people.

Karen Montgomery said...

I guess your right, I wouldn't know since I don't drive I have to rely on other people's choices for music alone. I have said I need me a walkman, but just don't get to it that in my reason is the only way that I would get to choose the music all the time.

Susan said...

So, what brings you back to Utah? Family? Friends? Call me when you are here - I have lots we can groan about!

Jessi said...

Justin hit up the new Miller Sports Park (race track out in Toole). I visited with the grandparents. Sorry I missed you.

geeeek said...

Man, I LOVE the soundtrack and the movie A Mighty Wind. Potato's In The Paddy Wagon is a silly ass song but fun as hell to sing-along to.

Plus, just getting to see the guys from Spinal Tap doing folk tunes as the band "The Folksmen"... does it get any better than this?

We drove to Los Angeles a few years back to see all the actors from the movie dressed in character do a concert. They sang all all the tunes from the show. One of the funnest events I've been to.

Jessi said...

See everyone, it's a fun soundtrack. You'll just have to go to the library and check it out.

BTW, I learned shortly after watching "Spinal Tap" they aren't a real band. Sad.

Toebee's Fumes said...

just stumbled upon your blog!!

A mighty wind is a classic movie along with one of my fav pix SPINAL TAP!! I have found most women do not appreciate Spinal Tap or that humor.

Leave the CD's behind and purchase an iPod or an MP3 player. I have every CD I own on my iPod and it is awesome to just carry that around without lugging all the cd's!

Jessi said...

Welcome Toebee!

Well as my husbands friends say "I'm not the typical girl"

I love Spinal Tap, Waiting for Guffman (I hate you and I hate your ASS face!), A Mighty Wind and Best in Show. I love them all!

I actually have an mp3 player. I really only use it when I workout. I have satelite radio and that's what I listen to for the most part.