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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Save the Chili Cheese Burrito!

Besides bean burritos, I love the Chili Cheese Burrito. But sadly I can't get it anywhere. Did you know that it's really hard to find because most Taco Bells dropped it from their menus? Can you believe that!? And with all that other crap on there...honestly, who wants to eat a quadruple decker stuffed-supreme taco/burrito? (Ok I made that up but they have some weird ones.)

I'm not the only one who's upset. Justin LOVES that burrito too. We tend to eat at least one while in Minnesota or Texas (where they take them for granted). He's always telling me of his days as a TB employee and how easy they were to make. But he also knows that nothing else on the menu requires those ingredients. So he understands why they might have scratched it. But I still think it's unforgivable.

My Grandparents were extremely disappointed at the local Taco Bell when they scratched it too. I was the one who introduced them to it. My Granny loved to go and get one for lunch sometimes. Then one day after a quick visit to Taco Bell, she came back with something else after being told they didn't sell them anymore. I told her it was true and she said, "Crimeny, they were so good!"

I know Granny.

But there's hope everyone. I'm not the only one who really thinks Taco Bell made a big mistake. Over at, they've created petitions, forms, posters, banners -- Anything to get the Chili Cheese Burrito back in stores. So I'm asking all my blog readers to sign the online petition, even if you don't like the Chili Cheese Burrito or know what it is. This could be your chance to try it out. Unless you already live in an area where they sell them (lucky!), but you should sign it anyway.


-Tony- said...

I won't sign the petition, I really think you can find those at some dive mexican place. Don't give up and stop going to Taco Bell!

Jessi said...

Why? There's nothing like it!

Nothing I say!

-Tony- said...


geeeek said...

I had a very similar thing happen with Carl's Jr. quite a few years back. They used to offer something called "Junior Crisp Burritos". They were small, deep-fried burritos that had ground beef and cheese inside. They were my favorite. I used to go to Carl's 2 or 3 times a week on my lunch break to get them.

I think that was the one time in history where I was so upset over a food item that I actually wrote to the company and complained.

In place of the Chili cheese Burrito, may I suggest you try Taco Time's Crispy Beef Burrito. It doesn't have chili on it, but I think they will stop your heart just as quick...

Jessi said...

Oh trust me Geeeek when I say I also love the crip BEAN burrito (not into the beef burrito). When I found out there was a Taco Time down here after leaving them in Utah, I made Justin take me.

Too bad it was at that ghetto truck stop. Now we go to the one on Flamingo (if we go).

Justin said...

I forgot to tell you last night... we found the holy grail in Shawnee Mission, KS:

Chili Cheese!

Jessi said...

Don't show me that!?! Was it all warm and gooey and yummy?

I can only imagine.

Writinggal said...

Crimeny! If only you were in Kansas too!