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Friday, March 23, 2007

And the Winner is...

Before I announce the winner, Justin and I want to say that it's been a fun week reading all the potential names submitted by all of you. Thank you for the entertainment. We hope you had a great time.

Here are the finalists:

Deep Fried Fear with Beans
El Bomba
Gut Bomb
The Widow Maker
Six Dollar Burrito
Super Colon Blow
B.U.S. (Burrito of Unusual Size)

We chose this particular name because we both LOVED it and felt it described my new favorite style of burrito at Super Mex.

Say hello to:


Congratulations to David for winning the "Name that Burrito" contest. You've won a fabulous yo-yo. Complete with decorative stripes! Email me your address and I'll send it off to you for hours of enjoyment.

*During College, Justin and his College Band went to Mexico for a concert. The first night there, someone in his room clogged the toliet. Not unusual with this bunch at all.

Deciding the best thing to do was ask for help, they found some maids in the hall. With very little Spanish speaking skills, they asked,

"Do you have a toilet plunger?"


"Do you have a toilet plunger? We clogged the toilet."

"El Bomba??"

"What? No, do you have a plunger?"

"El Bomba?"

"YA El Bomba! Whatever!"


geeeek said...


But, seriously, "El Bomba" is a great name. It can be used without freaking out the wait staff at SuperMex. If I could please be invited the next time you go, I may have to order an El Bomba in your honor, David.

(and I really thought Carne ASS-ada had a chance.... [single tear])

-Tony- said...

Ya - I think that fits perfectly. Well maybe not in the toilet.

David said...

I am truly honored. And more than a little nauseated. I mean, just look at the damned thing! You actually eat that?

(I'll send you my geographical coords shortly.)