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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Name That Burrito!

I know it looks gross but it's so good! While ordering my new favorite burrito, which is just a bean burrito deep fried like a chimichanga, Justin and I decided we needed a name for it. We only came up with one and it's apparently derogatory. I swear I don't think it is but what do I know.

So we are leaving it up to you. If you can give my favorite burrito a name, you'll win a fabulous prize hand picked by me and Justin.

Since I've been slacking at updating my blog, I'll give you a week to come up with a new name. We'll announce the winner next Friday.

Good luck!


geeeek said...

Wow, soooo many things come to mind... There wasn't a rule that said I couldn't make more than one suggestion, so here goes...

1. Chimmy-Rito (that's my fav)
2. Chimminy-Changa (Damn Napoleon Dynamite)
3. "Are you really gonna eat that?"
4. The Fried Beaner
5. Bob

CoughDrop said...

The Smooth Way Out
Grease and Gas
- (see where these are going?)
Snotty Toilet Chunk
The Buttercup
Widow Maker
The Bachelor

geeeek said...

"One in the Chamber"

Jason said...

So many ways to reference Kevin Smith, so little time. Since those are obvious, I'll try my own.

** Mexican Sliders
** Gut Bomb
** The "Are you Mexi-Can or Mexi-Can't?" Burrito
(apologies to Johnny Depp)
** daFAB (F'n Awesome Burrito!)
** The Six Dollar Burrito
** Grease Monkey
** Border Patrol
** Chug A Chimmi
** The Grunt Burrito
** Heart Grenade Launcher
** Colon Ambush
** Tasty Turd (sorry, I tried my hardest NOT to say it, but couldn't resist)
** Torpedo Burrito

Jessi said...

Wow, you guys have great and gross suggestions. This is gonna be hard.

Cory said...

The Preview of Things to Come
Liposuction: The Burrito
pllllllllffffrrrrrrt Ahhhhhh
The Clogger

I'll think of more later.

MEG said...

The Sloppy Log

david said...

The Error Log
Intestine Pinata
El Mucho Mistake-o
The Unholy Burrito of Doom
The Aorta Distorta
Deep-Fried Fear With Beans
I Want My Mamacita
Armagordito (It's Apocaliscious!)

david said...

Dang! Missed one: El Bomba

geeeek said...

"It's a Boy"

Anonymous said...

Leaky Anus

Todd said...

Yeah, "beaner-changa" could have negative connotations. I think with a simple change to "beana-change" you'll be good.

-Tony- said...


geeeek said...

ends in "oscopy"

geeeek said...

- Ass Blaster
- Get-r-Done
- Pile Driver
- "I am Jack's Irritable Bowl Syndrome"
- It hurts when I pee

Jason said...

GODDAMMIT JOHN - now I have to submit more:
** Siesta Fiesta!
** Pico De Orizaba
** Mexico Volcano
** Colon Blow
** Cook's Island
** Mass

Time to try some acronyms:

** TGIJS (Time (to) Go, I Just Sharted)
** BIC (Burrito Induced Coma)
** BIC (Built In Colonal)
** DONATAH (DO Not Attempt This At Home)
** GOBLAMVO! (Gonna Blow Like A Mexican Volcano)
** TAGOGODO (Tastes Good Going Down)

Think I'm done, unless John submits more.

jason said...

** 8 Day Burrito
** 28 Days Later
** Fast and Furious
** Desperado
** The Green Mile
** Fantastic Voyage
** The Interrogator
** Knocked Up
** Grindhouse
** Easy Rider
** Smoke On The Water (try not to humm the song every time you eat it)
** Conflict of Digestive Interest
** The Trump
** Survivor
** Amazing Race

(hmm...try to figure out what my influences were this time)

And finally, because this makes absolutely no sense that it makes perfect sense:

** The Dwight Burger

geeeek said...

Damn it! This contest has now taken over my ICQ as well... Here's a conversation with Jason...

10:06: Jason M:
10:06: Hawkins: oh no.
10:06: Jason M: the last one if my favorite by far
10:07: Hawkins: Amazing Race = funny.
10:08: Jason M: There was another one I thought of the other day that was perfect, but of course I can't remember it.
10:10: Hawkins: "Little Miss Sunshine" isn't a bad name for it, either.
10:10: Jason M: LOL!
10:10: Jason M: The Departed
10:10: Hawkins: ha!
10:11: Jason M: Jewel Quest (don't ask)
10:11: Hawkins: ewww.
10:11: Hawkins: "Plop Plop Fizz Fizz"
10:12: Hawkins: "Liquid Plumber"
10:12: Jason M: or more like "Plop....Fizz"
10:12: Hawkins: or just Plop
10:12: Hawkins: Carne ASS-ada

jason said... I was telling Matt and Sarah last night, sometimes my brain just doesn't stop no matter how hard I try. Looks like John is the same way. So...don't get us started. ;)

** It Burns
** Burnsides Burrito
** Ben Hud (ala Ben Hur)
** Exodus (Movement of the Burrito)
** The "Those Are Tears of Joy" Burrito

-Tony- said...


geeeek said...

- Easy Rider
- The Shart Maker
- Down Slow 'n Easy
- Once Bitten, Twice Shy
- Montezuma's Revenge
- Shat Attack
- The Shrieking Eel
- B.U.S. (Burrito of Unusual Size)
- The Home Wrecker
- Rectal Reaper
- Colon Carnage
- Anal Assault
- Blew out my O-ring

Sarah said...

Thanks to Jason and Hawkins for pulling me into this...but once i saw the picture, i couldn't resist!

El Diablo (the devil)
The Roadrunner (eww)
The Day After Tomorrow
Intro to Flatulence 101

Sarah said...

This is fun! Here are more:

Retardo Montalban (courtesy of Kristin Edholm)
Butt Hurt
Captain Jack Splatter
Trojan Horse
The Punisher
Willy Wonka

Nuzzinator said...

Blowhole Casserole

jason said...

** House of Pain
** Lashback
** Royal Burrito
** Hang a Rat
** Colossus (that's the Utah in me)
** Slinky
** Mordor

geeeek said...

Goatse Maker

Sarah said...

Optimus Prime

Cory said...

I'll take my burrito "Tub Girl Style"

Charles said...
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geeeek said...


geeeek said...

With the contest ending tonight, I figured I'd provide a final push:

Clogger, The
Destination: Pain
Excavator, The
Farewell To Thee
Going Home Soar
Human Sacrafice
I Need a Doctor
Judgement Day
Kill Me Quickly
Log Jammer
My Legs are Numb
Not Another Teen Burrito
Oh, God - Part IV
Pound 'o Pooh
Quick Exit
Rectum? Damn Near Killed 'em
Stain Maker
Tonight I Poop Twice
Uncle Tom's Log Cabin
Vascular Meltdown
Welcome to Hell
Yellow Submarine

jason said...

** Quiet Riot
** Dr. Evil
** Frankenstein
** The "This had way too much time put into its name than it should" burrito
** Blue Dart Burrito
** The Pounder
** Bandito Burrito
** Holy Mole!
** On Like Donkey Kong
** 2 Hour Meal
** Nausea, Heartburn, Indigestion, Upset Stomach, Diarrhea..Yay Pepto Bismol! Burrito!
** Inferno Burro

David said...

Fire in the hole
The War Crime
The Skid Marker
GIGOrito (Garbage-In, Garbage-Out)
I Hope That Was A Fartarito