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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

4 days left

And I promise I won't sign up for another marathon. Justin and I run the half this Sunday at 6am. The good thing about this is I'll be done no later than 9am (at my slowest), back in bed by 10am. Awesome.

I got a spa gift certificate from the directors at work. At "thank you" gift for all the work I did on the conference in October. I think I may make an appointment after the marathon for a spa day. Well deserved I think.

Justin and I got back from our Cruise to central America on Sunday. Minus a few days of bad weather, 3rd world countries with "one dollar" kids, and running 10 miles on the boat, it was a good trip with my family.

Pictures to come as soon as my sister sends me the 517 she took compared to the 20 we took. She was able to capture classic Jessi and Justin moments. You won't be disappointed.


-Tony- said...

There comes a time when you feel you just have to run again. I get that about biking. I admire you for training for this. Imagine how healthy you are!

As for the spa it a couple days after the run. You'll probably appreciate it more than if you went right after crossing the finish line or the next day.

Jessi said...

Thanks, someone just said I look skinny in my waist. No beer belly on me right now.

I'll prolly make an appointment next weekend. Too much going on this weekend. Plus after all my Holiday shopping, I'll need it.

Or I might hold on to it. Can't decide.

Poodle said...

Hey, I was at Mile 3 manning a water station for Blue Man. I saw Justin, but you must of sprinted by me at such a breakneck speed that you became just a blur.

Jessi said...

I thought I saw you as I bolted by the Blue Man stage, I yelled your name. But nothing. People prolly thought I was crazy yelling "POOOOOODLE!"

hehe, little did I know you were down the street.