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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Part Two

We made it to London around 10am ready to go. As I expected, our room was tiny. The bathroom reminded me of my basement apartment bathroom - very small. We did the standard touristy things.

Outside the National Gallery in the center of London

"Big Ben kids...Parliament"

Outside Westminster Abby. Theerrr's Parliament in the background.

BBC 1...BBC 2...BBC 3...BBC 4.

My friends Eddy and Patsy. Well, their clothes. Still pretty cool. I earned that coffee mug as a news anchor. Did I forget to tell you I studied broadcasting? I was flawless!

$1 to make a call. Good thing I had no one to call.

Eurostar! Going 184 mph to Paris.

Angelina's in Paris. Drinking chocolate and real cream. So good.

Poor statue.

Outside the Louvre. No time to go inside.

Inside the Notre Dame.

Outside the Notre Dame. It was cold in Paris.

Eiffel Tower. No time to go up. Maybe next time.

Cool photo looking up the tower.

Done with Paris and trains and the subway train that got re-routed while we were waiting for it. Ended up walking back to the hotel about 2 miles. Not a fun way to end the day.

Penny Lane!

Tower of London. Lots of bad things happened here.

Pondering Stonehenge. Or maybe the sun was in my eye.

Our long journey home with our British goodies; Vimto and Walkers Roast Chicken flavored chips. Both were very good and so was our flight.


-Tony- said...

So cool! I'm sitting here in a stupid training class and enjoying your pictures! You have no idea how happy I am you got to Angelina's!

Stella said...

Holy crap! You guys have been doing a lot of traveling. LUCKY! Just in case you've been wondering what my biggest trip has been the last few months it was driving to Shakopee. I know... I need to get out more :)

carly said...

I almost cried laughing when I saw "Big Ben kids, Parliment." Well I'm so jealous, but I'm happy for you. What a way to enter your 30's. I'll probably enter mine with a bottle of booze!

Jessi said...

Angelina's was good!

Carly, I still crack myself up when I say, "yes...squid pro roe" and I think of us laughing.