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Thursday, April 03, 2008

1 year Anniversary

Yesterday was my 1-year anniversary. Justin said, "Am I going to get in trouble if I don't know what your 1-year anniversary is?" Silly boy. No, of course I don't expect him to remember that my braces came off one year ago yesterday. Nothing really to celebrate. I still have to wear my retainer and I have one more ortho appointment but other than's been an uneventful year regarding my teeth.

Lately my theme song has been Chris Farley and Patrick Swayze's Chippendales dance: Everybody's working for the weekend. I look forward to the week ending it's really sad.

Speaking of butt crack - I got a free magazine subscription as a gift and I picked This Old House. I own a house but not an old one. I do most of the repairs so I figured it'd be good to get advice from the experts. Justin thinks because I do all the plumbing repairs in the house it's ok for me to show my crack. I don't agree for various reasons. He doesn't do any repairs and his crack is always showing. Guess it can be a lonely club sometimes. But now we've got This Old House to help me so I can show him that they don't have crack to be a good plumber.


John said...

I don't know why exactly, but I tend to see more than my fair share of butt cracks. When it's a dude's crack, I do my darndest to turn my head as QUICKLY as possible. When it's a female, I tend to get mesmerized by it. It's like I've been hypnotized. I have to force myself to look away in time to not be caught staring.

So I say while you are doing plumbing chores around the house, let your crack show! Just make sure I'm not there... I will have no choice but to stare.

Neha P. Photography said...

Happy Anniversary!