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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I took Monday off to attend NAB (National Association of Broadcasters). I like to go every year because 1) it's here in Vegas and 2) I like to see all the new stuff in the industry I'm not working in. I'm learning a lot in the Affiliate Marketing industry but it's more curiosity of what's happening in the media.

I was inspired to do a few things at home that I learned (new editing techniques and tricks). But I have yet to do them. I prefer to have direction like a project. Not just play around with things. And since I don't have a project, I don't try new things out. So I need a project. I can shoot, capture, edit and post online. Does anyone have any ideas or a need for a cool video? No charge! I just want to practice and use all the equipment I have and keep my skills sharp.

I had a weird dream that I was writing a fake story about Elton John hating the Irish (honestly, I have no idea where this came from). In my dream, Justin said I should write about the band Foghat instead. He must have told me this in his sleep because he was singing "Slow Ride" this morning.

Maybe that's my video topic. Who knows. Any suggestions or better ideas?


Mememememeeeee said...

You could totally make a lot of money here making band recruiting videos.

Jessi said...

Sounds like fun but I'd focus on the colorguard cause I'm partial.

Good to know I could make money doing that. But I have a long way to go before I could start charging. Thanks!

Poodle said...

I'm going to be putting together an audition video for Survivor soon. You know I'll want your help. :)

Writinggal said...

You could edit BS's birth!

Jessi said...

I've done audition videos before. Just ask Tony.

WG - Totally! Oooh the day is coming up, exciting!!