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Monday, July 14, 2008

House Hunters Minneapolis Pt. 2

Will it be house #1 with mold growing up the wall from the basement to the first floor? (I only made it one step into the house before I turned around and left. Seriously, Realtors, don't you think that type of information should be in the listing?)


House #2 with 11 different rooms? This house must have been a school or boarding house or a whore house with all of its bedrooms, it was so big!


House #3, close to where the train will be, beautifully redone, with so much charm it makes YOU (or me) look bad?

Which do you think?


Mememememeeeee said...

Oh go with #3! We always seem to live by a train. It's not that bad.

Writinggal said...

Ooh, I love House Hunters on HGTV. I always guess the wrong house though!

Neha P. Photography said...

you know i have to you have pics?

Jessi said...

Commuter train = good investment only living 1 street away from it.

I always guess the wrong houses too (based on what I'd want).

I do have photos, I'll post them up.

If you guess #3, you'd be right. I put an offer in last night :) EEEEEEE, my very first house! Now it's wait and see.

John said...

How can you play this game without photos?

By description alone, I have to say 3. (though, there was a short amount of time where I thought you might have negotiated for a 50% reduction in the price on house #1)