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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Part-Time Happy House Wife

I feel like I'm missing something when I come home from work, take care of Jules (which I really miss during the day), make dinner, and work on whatever project needs to be done (right now, it's repairing some used BumGenius diapers I bought on diaper swappers.).

So, I'm trying, with some success at being a part-time housewife on the weekends. This past weekend we did all sorts of household chores and projects.

Friday: Loaded up the car with Justin and Jules and headed to the JBF sale - or as Justin calls it, the baby swap meet. We bought a bunch of second-hand winter clothes for Jules. Now he's set!

Saturday: Justin made pancakes and I did laundry. ALL.DAY. Between loads, we also worked in the back yard. Pulled weeds in the soon to be vegetable garden, trimmed all the ferns, pulled all the stupid, little, naughty trees that are everywhere and yelled at Scully to stay in the yard. I'm still sore. I also made crockpot chicken for dinner, two apple pies (from our apple tree!) and chicken stock from the leftover chicken.

Sunday: I finished the laundry (you should see my laundry room now!), swapped out summer/fall wardrobe with winter wear (booo!), watched the Vikings and told a baby to go to sleep. Which he did. Justin installed our garage door opener (Finally! Well, not like "Finally he installed it-geez!" more like we finally got around to it.).

While the weekend was jam packed, it felt good to get it all done. Hopefully we can finish our outside work before... Well, we all know about Minnesota and how cold it can be here. Let's pretend for a few more weeks it won't happen.

Justin took this last night. That's our garden (next to the black thing on the left - compost bin), it needs work. But look at those colors!


-Tony- said...

Wow you've got a busy life! And a very big back yard!

Carly said...

Beautiful yard & colors! Is a stay at home mom in the works for Jessi? I know I would.

Jessi said...

We're in a cul-de-sac so our yard is long than wide, but still big.

Staying at home really depends on how things go career wise. I would love to, but I really like making money :) and I like where I work. But you never know!

neha said...

beautiful, jessi! the colors are amazing...wish i was there to take pics!