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Friday, October 23, 2009


I don't know what else to call this, except, we went to a pumpkin patch with family. It was fun. We got pumpkins, apple pies (it was an apple orchard too), apple cider, chatted, wore sunglasses, only lost one little, took photos, went home and took a nap.

He loved his sunglasses.

Chilling with the pumpkins.

Too cool to make funny faces with his cousins.

Still too cool to take a photo with his cousins. "I can't be seen with this bunch!"
(Olivia holding Jules, Adrienne holding Natalie - 5 months older than Jules, Reese, Max and Zach.)


-Tony- said...

Wow - you swear he's actually aware he really doesn't want to be taking pictures!

I can't believe it's that cold already up there!

Jessi said...

Ya, he stops what he's doing when the camera comes out and decides to do something else. You know, like look away.

Oh! It was in the 40's that day. We were taking off our jackets it was so warm! (I'm not kidding. Sad huh?)

Neha P. Photography said...

sooooo cute! wish I could photograph him!!!!! come to h-town!

Michael said...

I've seen 3 or 4 other photo albums on FB of people taking their babies to pumpkin patches this year. That must be the thing to do.

Todd said...

The picture of him next to the pumpkins is awesome. I'm not sure why but I love it. There's only 2 reasons I want kids 1) To take silly pictures of them and 2) To read Dr Suess to them. That's not a great list but it's what I got :-)

Holly said...

Haha-love it. His glasses are awesome:) looks like you all are doing good and havin fun!

Carly said...

I freakin' love your baby. He's so cute. I wish I could meet him. If you come to Vegas, you let me know for sure!

Jessi said...

Ha! Mike, it must be the thing to do because 1) it's free 2) it's cute.

Todd - you'd be a great dad! If we come to Vegas, you can read him Dr. Seuss anytime.

Don't worry Carly, everyone will know when the Foell's will be in Vegas :)