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Sunday, November 14, 2010

17 Months

17 months gives us a little boy who adores cars and anything with wheels. You see a car on the road, on tv, in a magazine, in a book and you go nuts. You sign "car" and say "nuh!" Over and over and over. I have a feeling cars and anything with wheels are an obsession that will be with you for a long time.

You dance by stomping around. You put trash in the trash bin. You throw your hands in the air and say "dut-down!" when we yell "touchdown". You need something in both hands when you eat. You love to be outside with dad. You sing when your gloworm is on. You make car noises while playing with cars.

I took you to the Children's Museum this past month and you had a great time playing. You were very interested in everything. I think we'll go back especially now that our first snowfall has happened. It's time to hibernate!

We also celebrated Halloween. Your costume was a hit! You now love candy. Sorry for being so mean and only letting you eat 2 pieces. Dad ate the rest of it.

You're starting to hate naps and you really fuss when it's time for one. But you clearly need a nap and are so much happier after one.

An 8th tooth popped up two weeks ago. I think that was the worse one yet! But once it pops up, you're fine again.

When you get a chance to play with your cousins, you are very shy at first, but then warm up. Your cousin that's five months older loves to baby you. She pats your head and gives you hugs. You don't even notice mostly because you are playing with cars. We recently went to a birthday party where you found a table full of trains and cars. You latched on to two cars and wouldn't let go. Other kids tried to take them from you, but you didn't give them up. No fighting or crying was involved, just a firm grip. You didn't look for help. You dealt with it on your own. You are very independent most of the time.

It's amazing how much you know and understand! I showed you twice where your toes were and now you know when I ask, "Where are your toes?" We're teaching you "what does the (blank) say?" and you make the sounds instead of trying to say the word. Your vocabulary hasn't grown but that doesn't mean you don't know what we're saying. When we read a book, I'll ask where the ball, bird, stars or anything is and you know where they are.

You are a very sweet boy who cries when daddy leaves the room. You love to tease Scully. You love to jump on our bed. And you love to cuddle.


TonyMnLA said...

Fantastic! I really enjoy reading the monthly updates on how he's growing up(way too fast, I'm sure). He'll look back at this when he's older and really appreciate what you've done with these postings.

Jessi said...

I love to look back too. I plan on printing all these monthly photos and creating a book out of them. I found an awesome tutorial online about making your own book (hard covers!) so I think that'll be a fun craft!

Crystal said...

Great video, he's growing so fast!