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Monday, February 06, 2006

The Takeover

With my new job, I have new people to talk to. Most of them already know me because they know Justin. But since I work here now, they are learning more and more about me. Including my obession with bean burrito's. I really hate to bring it up again, but last week was a highlight of my obsession.

On Monday I wanted lunch but wasn't sure of where to go. Justin and some of his friends were going to Rubio's. Sounded good. I got a bean burrito that, by the way, is comparable to my man's place, Roberto's. It was that good.

By Wednesday, I was craving it again. I asked Justin if he would go out with me and he said 'No'. So I asked a friend, she said, "I brought my lunch. Where do you want to go?" "RUBIO'S!" I explained to her how fantastic their bean burrito's were. She just laughed, as did everyone else around her. So she told Justin how much I wanted one for lunch. So he took me. And it was just as good as it was on Monday.

Thursday, I brought a bean burrito for lunch. It was everything I wanted it to be. beaners. beaners. I was beginning to think my obsession had subsided for the week. Until Sunday. I really tried but the powerful craving overwhelmed me. I had two (yes you read that right) small kid sized beaners. I count it as two but really it was one. And man they were good.

Yes I know 5 times a week was obsessive, but I hadn't had one in a few weeks, so I was due. And when my new co-workers found out about this (because they ask now) they really saw that I was crazy. Well I'm glad I can entertain them the way I do. "How many this week?" One day they might start taking bets...I better get a cut of it. Since I'm the one eating all these beaners.

If I can keep it under 1 a week, I'm good. Don't worry my friends, last week was a freak of nature. I remember something in nutrition classe that we should all use: Moderation is key. Don't eat 5 beaners in a week.


Writinggal said...

It's okay that you ate two yesterday because Superbowl Sunday is the second biggest eating holiday next to Thanksgiving. I put on my Thanksgiving pants for the occasion. And at least you didn't eat pizza. So cliché.

TonyM said...

that could have been an explosive issue for you and your office mates!

Jessi said...

Ya pizza is too traditional with the Super Bowl. Beans are starting to become a traditional meal with me for EVERY occasion.

Don't worry T, I won't have any beaners while hanging out with you this weekend. Oh and btw...I don't have that problem with beans.

(haha.. my word verification is IWWYN... ok I thought that was funny.)