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Monday, February 13, 2006

Welcome to My Cubicle


I've had two jobs since graduating. Not too bad for finally graduating in December of 2003 (it took me some time, give me a break!). My first job was a video designer. I had an office with crazy blue walls and fun posters courtesy of my boss. It was creative heaven...somewhat. When I wanted to rock out to Barenaked Ladies, I could just shut my door and turn it up. I wasn't the only one rocking out. Sometimes all four edit bay's would have their doors shut with music blasting through the seams. One Dave Mathews, Barenaked Ladies, Ghetto-Booty and Techno.

My office was my place to go when people frustrated me. My office was a semi 'home away from home' even though I really didn't want to be there.

Office...I miss you! My new job put me in a boring brown to other people...who talk loudly on the phone...who try to talk softly when they are talking about someone...who are annoying. But I was told that I was annoying! How can this be? I've only been here 6 weeks. It can't be this soon. I guess it's a new record for me.

I listen to music. I'm a creative person. I have to have it. But I also don't like to cause uncomfortable drama. Working with other Women, it was just a matter of time before it got uncomfortable.

One person talks on the phone really loud. So instead of creating tension and making her hate me, I got noise canceling headphones. They work, problem solved. I get to listen to my music, not her and no one got hurt. That's just the way she is on the phone, there's no changing that.

However now that I use my headphones, I hum. Apparently that really annoyed some cube-friends for a while. I say friends because the ones it annoyed like me now and so it doesn't bother them as much anymore. I've grown on them. I've been friendly, helpful and useful to them. However, one person still doesn't like me and still doesn't like my humming. I found this out when she ICQ'd me:

"could you keep the humming down?"
"ya, np. sorry"

I thought about this for a second and then got angry. My humming isn't as loud as my friends talking on the phone. It's not like her roommate who sat across from me belting out phrases of a song and yet no one says anything to her. I don't complain when she turns her space heater (which by the way, no one is supposed to have) and it creeps over to my side. I don't complain. I deal. I put my headphones on and tune it out.

Tension has been created. And until she moves, it will be there. I will continue to hum when I want but I will be more conscience of it and the next time she complains, I'll suggest she buy some noise canceling headphones. I'll even tell her how well they work.

"You'll never hear me hum again! Girlie!"


TonyM said...

Runny Girl causing trouble!

I've already given you suggestions on how to annoy that bi-otch over the wall! I can come up with plenty more! I'm very creative that way.

Have you tried to glue her pencil down to her desk and see what happens? How about everytime she gets on the phone you kick the common cube wall?

Jessi said...

I'm not going to be rude and tell her her perfume is killing me today. No, no, I'll just deal with it and put my headphones on.

She's not worth it. I'm cool

TonyM said...

Fling your spent rubber bands over the wall!

Jessi said...

You know those little things would hurt! ZING!