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Monday, March 13, 2006


NASCAR was in town this weekend with all their beer and ugly jackets. I have no problem with the "sport" but I do have a problem with what their fans represent.

I know what the confederate flag looks like. I know what it means. Then why it is still flown along side the American Flag?

At a NASCAR event?

And this is why that "sport" will never get my attention. Well no more than this.


TonyM said...

Back in Louisiana near my home town there's a private catholic school that has "Rebels" as their mascot and they use the confederate flag on their logo. The funny thing is they have black students! Teurlings Catholic School

Now when is sitting in a car seat for 4 to 8 hours driving as fast as you can really considered a sport?

Jessi said...

Oh geez!

Is there some sort of game plan for going in circles?

I just don't get it. And I never will.

Todd said...

I think I will always be on the fence with the whole confederate flag thing. On the one hand it really is a symbol of the south and a symbol for states rights vs the rights of the republic. On the other hand, one of those rights they were fighting to keep, and the one we remember the most, was slavery. As such, there's no two ways about it, to a lot of people, that flag is a heavy duty symbol that means a lot of different things. Luckily, as I am neither from the south or an ex slave, I don't have to form an opinion...-whew-

PS. NASCAR is the ball licker of races. Watch JGTC or GT racing, then tell me NASCAR is exciting...that's right, you can't

Jessi said...

I totally agree. In the south it does have other meanings (besides slavery) and with most people down there, it's their heritage.

And yes, ball licker of races, you've got my vote on that too.

Writinggal said...

I used to have to go to the NASCAR event here every year for work. It always rained. So there I was, knee-deep in mud, with NASCAR people and their trailers, talking about mini donuts. So glamorous.