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Thursday, March 02, 2006

What a Surprise!

Justin actually decided to post a comment on my blog! If you missed it, just look in the comments from the post below this one. Of course when he has to defend himself against Mike, he'll do whatever it takes.

He looks happy to have posted here!


Todd said...

That's such a good pic of him. I think I like this one better though

Jessi said...

OH MY GARAGE! I've never seen that photo before!

He looks like he belongs in Megadeath or something! He's evil looking.

I love it!

TonyM said...

Wow, I didn't know you married that!

Jessi said...

the drunking Justin or the party-pointing Justin? Yes, I got the whole package.

Writinggal said...

Oh, no. Your husband is as strung out as K-Fed!

Jessi said...

Ya but he cleans up well huh? :)

K-fed always looks strung out!

Geoff said...

What's with the ghostly haze over that picture Todd posted?

I see those kind of pictures all the time on those ghost shows on Discovery.

Who was watching Justin?

Jessi said...

We were at a bar with lots of smokers.

But it could be the person guilty of inventing Karaoke, disturbed by what he/she is hearing?

Geoff said...

The ghost of Daisuke Inoue???

Interesting...although, I'm not sure he's dead.

Jessi said...

He probably would be after seeing that picture.

MEG said...

Someone needs to post the makeup picture of Justin that haunted the Regiment equipment truck.


Jessi said...

You get the pic Mike and I'll post it! I've wanted a copy of it since I saw it!

Oh the man I was going to marry was so pretty.