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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Home-Woven Handy-Crafts

Yes it's that time again! I go through phases where I sew til I can't stand to look at the machine anymore. Once again, inspired me. Well I should say the people that are creative inspired me. I took the pocket design from one purse and the structure of the purse to create these:

I'm a pocket!

Girls at work loved them so I got 3 special orders! They wanted them bigger. These are about 3 inches bigger (all around) than the 2 shown above. Here's two of them:

For Christine

This one is like the other one above except the it doesn't have the yellow lining. It still has the outside pocket with blue lining. I hope she likes it!

For Denise

The last one is for a little girl. I'm using the top-left orange flower material. It's actually a orange cream. It just looks brighter on my camera.

Let me know what you think. I'm selling them to the girls at work. This could be a decent side business...once I get better! Thanks for looking and reading today's post, "Home-Woven Hany-Crafts".


Writinggal said...

Those are adorable!! Give us some price ranges! I know a guy who could do a funky, cool website if you wanted to really start the biz.

Jessi said...

Awesome, thanks! I charged $20 but one girl bought 2 so I gave them to her for $15 each. Is that a decent price? I have no idea. I'm learning.

Remember Neha? I'm making her a cute clutch. I hope she likes it!

Crystal said...

You rock! I love your purses! :)

I would never guess that they were handmade if I didn't know!

Writinggal said...

Sounds good to me. If I order I'll have to add on shipping too though.

Yes, of course I remember Neha and I just saw her MySpace page last night! I saw your notes on it. I'm new to this whole MySpace thing the kids are doing.

Jessi said...

Crystal, shhhh don't tell anyone :)

E: Do you have a myspace page? I actually hate it but I've found so many friends from back in the day. It's the only reason I keep it.
Let me know what style you want!

Writinggal said...

I refuse to get a MySpace page or text message!!

Jessi said...

Good for you. If I hadn't found so many peeps I would have gotten rid of my account. I might still. If they want to chat with me they can do it here.

Julie from good 'ole CBHS said...

Dude -- I want one! (I had no idea you were so crafty!!!)

Jessi said...

Sure! I'm looking at other designs. I'll post more pics of new ones when I make them.

I can take orders! :)

TonyM said...

Can I have one made of red fur? My doggies would love you for it!