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Monday, July 24, 2006

A Public Service Announcement From Justin

This could actually be a "Hot Tip" but we'll let Justin have this one.

To All Blog Readers

Do not buy Eclipses new flavor, Cherry Chill. On our trip back from Chicago I grabbed a pack of gum. But Justin saw a new flavor and said, "Ooh get this one please?" So I picked it up, paid and opened it. Oh my garage! This thing tasted like cherry NightQuil. Don't buy it unless that's what you like. I'm glad he's warning you of this nastiness. You know he means business when he's using my blog for an outlet.

Eclipse Cherry Chill: Solid C- (if you're looking for an "F" get that black licorice gum...NASTY!)


Writinggal said...

Speaking of things that taste like NyQuil, have you tried Sam Adams Cherry Wheat beer?

Jessi said...

Sam Adams is already too gross for me. Add some cherry to it, eewwe!

So that would be a no thanks.

Writinggal said...

It's so gross. We bought a variety pack from Costco so we try to pawn them off when guests come over like it's a treat: "I'll have Miller Lite but since you're a guest you can have the premium Sam Adams..."

TonyM said...

I like some flavored beer but cherry wouldn't be one I think I'd even sniff.

So did the Cherry gum make your teeth red too?

Jessi said...

No, I didn't chew it long enough.