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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

D-List Baby!

You might be wondering why I have that little icon over to the right. And if you're not, whatever.

I was surfing a bunch of people's sewing blogs (stop laughing now) and some chick had a link to find out what "list" your blog is on. Apparently I so rule with all 5 readers that I made the D-List!

So I thought I'd share that with everyone. I guess I could be embarrassed but I think it's cool that I'm not below a D. That would be like no one ever reads my blog. So I show it proudly.

It's like College Algebra all over again!


Stella said...

Sweet! I just checked out BlogCadre's status and we are on the C-List.

Congrats on being on the D-List. There is only one way to go... Up :) Seriously, for the A-Listers it's only downhill.

Anonymous said...

I'll see you at the D-list party! WG is there too!

Jessi said...

D-list party in January! ;)

Anonymous said...

That's right! We can celebrate our birthdays and our status!

Anonymous said...

I'm on that D list!

Jessi said...

ya! see you in January!

Anonymous said...

its the one time you wish you were on the most wanted list ;)