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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Family Cruise 2008

Starring Mom and Dad, Chris and Angel, Heather and Joe, Jessi and Justin.

Us waiting at the terminal while they found a "broken pencil" in my dad's carry-on. 10 points for the person who knows what a "broken pencil" is.

You too can exercise on vacation by running 10 miles on a cruise ship. It's only 60 laps. Easy!

It was only 99% humidity in Guatemala. It felt like 200% on a bike going uphill to see waterfalls.

Don't let your brain go to mush on vacation. Take a class! I learned how to make towel animals. Cute aren't they?

I knew I got my "boozing" gene from someone.

My sister, the iced tea.

Ok, there she is with her Joe. Or is it Joe and me and "oh there's Heather?"

On the boat in Honduras where we should have stayed. But Justin needed that trompo.


Neha P. Photography said...

A pic of your mom!! I haven't seen her in forever! She hasn't aged a bit! Oh-I didn't know she was a drinker! ;)

Jessi said...

She's worried that you think she's a boozer now.

-Tony- said...

I don't know which is more cute, you with your fly-away hairs or you in the boat?

Jessi said...

or all of them? I know it's a toss up.

Mememememeeeee said...

Broken pencil!!! hahahahah!!!! I wonder which guy got the bonus for finding it. Are these all the pics you took? I need to send you mine.

cruise work said...

How come I don't know what a broken pencil is, is it a magazine? I have tried to Google it and it shows sites for magazines or something... lol. anyways, the pictures seems like you all had a great time. That is great.