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Monday, December 10, 2007

Random Weekend Info

For the first time since living here in Las Vegas, we saw tons (and I really mean like 6 of them) of famous people in a 30 min time frame. After all our shopping on Saturday, my cousin drove in from North Carolina for the night. We headed over to the Palms 9 restaurant. We'd never been there but I'd heard great things about it.

We had to sit in the lounge but it was probably the best place to be. While hanging out, my cousin Josh and friend, Chuck, saw some basketball player. I have no idea who it was but they were EXCITED.

Not 10 minutes later, Big Pussy from The Sopranos and some other peeps came in (a comedian maybe). Then Mario Lopez (aka Slater) breezed by us and sat right behind us with a bunch of chicks. Sweet.

Then (yes, one more), Kid Rock came in. His hair is really stringy. Needless to say, my cousin and friend were impressed.

Also a first for us, we bought a Christmas tree. Justin doesn't remember that we had one our first year, but he went with it so I'll consider it a first. I LOVE it and our house smells so good. I also made some ornaments (marbleized) for it.

So tonight I'll finish decorating it while sipping cocoa and mini marshmallows that Justin made (yes he made marshmallows). We are total homemakers.


-Tony- said...

Maybe if you got out more you'd actually see more (in)famous people?

But stay home long enough to make me marshmallows!

VegasGeek said...

That's awesome. The one and only time I was at the 9 restaurant, we saw Muhammad Ali and Reggie Jackson. They were not there together, just at the same time.

It was pretty awesome when Ali went to leave, the entire place stood up and clapped for him. Afterwards the waiter told us "We've had actors and even the President of the United States of America have dinner in here and NEVER have they received a standing ovation like that." I think the waiter was as impressed as we all were.

Jessi said...

I'll send Justin's marshmallows to you.

John- 9 was cool but a once-a-year-type place for us. It prolly helped that we went right as Ultimate Fighter was finishing the Palms. Oh and the Mayweather fight was in town too. Those always bring in the A-listers.