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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Minneapolis Summers

It's a beautiful day in Minneapolis, a beautiful day in Minneapolis....

Normally I take the bus to work but today I have to leave early to take Scully to the Vet (She hurt her leg. It healed but now it's back. I hope it's not a fracture) so I drove in. Minnesota has these really long days in the summer. I guess it's to make up for lack of sunlight in the winter (remind me to get anti-depressants in November).

Scully wakes me up at 5 to go out and the sun is almost up. At 5am! So by the time I leave at 7, it's feels like it's 10am in Las Vegas! And at night, the sun is finally down around 9:30pm. It's the craziest thing when you know you should be heading to bed but it's still light out.

And now that all those crazy storms have finally passed (my first 2 weeks here it rained every day), we've had 3 to 4 days of beautiful weather here in a row.

Oh crap, it's supposed to rain this afternoon.

I'm off to Rockford, Illinois tomorrow for Regiment's first show of the year. Seems a little late for a first show but things have changed since I marched. Speaking of, this is my 10 year anniversary. I actually missed Regiment's first show of the year in 1998 because I hurt my knee. Not that it was a great year, but I did meet Justin that summer. Too bad he won't be with me to beer it up at the beer tent.


MEG said...

Have an extra beer for me.

Neha P. Photography said...

you moved to minneapolis??? i did not even know you were going to do that!! keep me posted. i've been to minneapolis several it! the weather is wonderful!!! miss you!