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Monday, June 23, 2008

They are Spartacus

Madison has new uniforms, I zoned out during Cavies, I drunk dialed Tony and Justin, Regiment didn't win. It was almost a repeat of last years Show of Shows except for one thing...

This sure does look familiar.

Ours shields and uniforms were white and we had big sheets at the end of those sticks. Lets hope it works this year.

For being the first show of the season, it wasn't bad.

I'm trying to upload a video of the closer. Maybe it'll work later.


MEG said...

What did you think of the "I am Spartacus!" part?

Jessi said...

It's ok once but not 3 times.

And the fights are kinda silly right now cause they are dirty (Tony agrees with me on this), fighting just looks silly on the field.

-Tony- said...

Oh, is this the 3rd time Regiment does Sprataticus?

Thankfully I was there for the 1st one. Sadly the big girls in the guard then had to wear all that costume to make them look like boys. It was kinda funny to see them passing out fliers before the show in order for people to be able to follow along with the story.

Yes, fake fighting is stupid in guard, it's dumb in movies too, but stupid when a guard does it.

And you didn't 'drunk dial' me....don't you always sound like that on the phone in a beer tent?