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Thursday, January 15, 2009



Minus 19 kids (not counting wind chill). I've got the picture on my camera to prove it. Oh, and the frostbite on my toes too. And the Silly Car didn't want to start, and the car seats (cloth car seats) were like sitting on a brick. And my snot froze instantly. And I need a latte to warm up.

BUT! I made it to work on time.

That is all.

Minus 19.


Jenny said...

Better you than me! I am impressed that you got anywhere in that kind of weather. I cannot even comprehend it!

MEG said...

I'm moving to San Diego! Who's coming with me?

Todd said...

I have sympathy for you because we're friends and stuff but a tiny, tiny piece of me deep in the darker part of my soul says "HA!! -That's- what you get for leaving! Pffffftttt" I don't let that piece out, he's not a nice person :-)