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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Semi Wordless Wednesday

It's amazing what a little black can do.

Hide a belly! 19 weeks today. Belly has no where to go but out. Impressive, huh? Say "HI" Scully!

In preparation for a baby who we don't know the sex, I've started working on some clothes. I used Kwik Sew 3090 and tried it out on new niece, Natalie. (I don't know what happened with the snaps. It was all even at the leg.)

She's tiny. I'm sure it won't fit her until Spring. Justin practicing his football hold on Natalie. It was a reality check, apparently.


rosebug1979 said...

You're so pretty with your pregnant belly!

Neha P. Photography said...

Jessi!!! You look sooo cute, but dont look very happy! Is it the morning sickness? Justin looks happy doing the football hold!

Neha P. Photography said...

p.s. have you done the Chinese calendar thing? from my experiences and's pretty accurate!

Jessi said...


No, no morning sickness. I was trying to direct Justin on how to take the photo. We've been doing weekly photos of just the belly (no head), so he needed a little coaching in doing it this way.

Plus, I'm not really standing sideways. So it's an illusion as to how big I really am.

Haven't done it yet. My mom suggested I spit in Drain-o. Apparently, that's what she did. Oh, those 70's moms.

-Tony- said...