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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Screamer

You know when they say "Oh, he's just finding his voice." I thought I knew what that meant, until this:

This is HI-larious until we're out at a restaurant. Or on a plane. Or we're sleeping and he's not.

ETA: Oh, wait, this one REALLY gives you the full experience (minus lighting. I'll never be able to capture him without the flash. Oh well.):


Michael said...

It appears that your child has inherited Justin's squealing skillz.

-Tony- said...

Where did he get that squeel?!!! sooooo cute!!!
How about you clean his face and put him a clean shirt next time? oh and....hang your pictures!

Jessi said...

He's deff got Justin's squealing skillz. No doubt.

We just fed him sweet potatoes. Wut, you don't think my kid is cute with a messy face?

Yes, I know I need to hang my art. At least I framed it. There's lots of photos that need to make their way up on the wall. I'm lame.

Crystal said...

Wow! That sure is a squealy child. Hehe. It's cute from this distance.

Jana said...

He must of learned that just after he left here, or else he wasn't in the mood to do that much screaming! CUTIE PIE!