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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It's Finals Week

I've been really lucky so far. I've enjoyed all Regiment shows I've seen and/or heard. Can the same be said for Alunmi of Blue Devils or especially The Cadets this year? Honestly, I've loved a few shows of most of the top corps and even some of the lower division I corps. But to really enjoy the same group every year is amazing. Justin says it the music they play; it's real music (oooh slam on BD).

Maybe that's why I marched Regiment. Actually, I know why I went there in the first place. All the guard girls were hot, well respected and knew how to crack a rifle, so awesome! I wanted to be one of them. And I was for two years. I totally was hot... everyday in the swealtering sun. I was respected...because I was one of 35 girls in the whole corps with about 100 guys around. One was bound to like me. As for the "cracking a rifle" I didn't get a chance, but I heard it across the field. And they rocked!

So, as this season comes to an end, 7 years after I aged-out, I'm reminded of what it was like in Madison. Tony Hall saying we'll clean it later. Um, this was finals week, there wasn't a later. The French-Canadian staff giving up on us (Good thing they didn't ask them back the next year). Having a body I wish I could have again and telling myself that I could keep it that way. Don't we all, kids. Being glad the stupid leg cramp I had for about two months was finally going to go away. And best of all, a real bed.


TonyM said...

Awww - I never got to crack a rifle on the field either but I had plenty of fun off the field with one.

Good times!

Geoff said...