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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Recap, Photo Style

Since I'm just too busy to actually post anything (working, doing a custom bag order (ugh, vinyl isn't my friend right now)) I thought I'd post some pictures of my reunion courtesy of Neha. I haven't even unloaded my pictures from my camera. I'm such a slacker. Enjoy!
Angela, Neha and Me

Group shot (I'm in the middle somewhere)

Me, Heather Peake, Jennifer Putnum, Kellie Nutt and Kara Rogers

Ashley Dredge and Husband

And the cutest couple there...we didn't win anything, we should have though!

Me and Nehahahahahaha. We had a good time.


TonyM said...

Wow - that shot at the top - what's up with your face? Are you buzzin? hehe

Jessi said...

Bright flashes!! I'm just a happy, smiley girl.

Writinggal said...

That's weird--when did our high school turn into an all-girls academy? :)

Jessi said...

We are hot...minus the few.

I said hi to a few guys. Then Justin asked why I didn't date any of them. I didn't have an answer except "Nobody liked me." I wonder why???

Writinggal said...

I had that same conversation with Frank (about me, not you)!

But in the giant group picture it looks like all girls...I'll look again.

neha said...

you know those were MY pictures and they are copyrighted by ME!i'll send your bill via e-mail.......hey elsa! how ya been?

Jessi said...

Neha, I said they were courtesy of YOU silly! No bill requested :)

And no your smoking didn't disappoint me. I was more shocked but really we all were doing things we couldn't 10 years ago. Or that they found out about! hehe