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Monday, August 28, 2006

"Oh I'm a Cocktail Waitress in Vegas! What Are You Doing?"

So you'd think 10 years would change a lot of people. Apparently, I look exactly the same...or so I was told 15 times. That was a little disappointing at my 10 year this weekend. I felt stupid when I didn't recognize people, especially when they knew me.

Other things that didn't change:

-Clicks (So sad honestly, I'm a cool girl. I say "Hi" and smile, you do nothing cause you only had 4 years of High School with me. And Junior High. And we were in Elementary School together. Don't pretend you don't know me.)
-Sluts (The same ones in High School, were the same ones 10 years later.)
-Leaving the Band kids out. (If you're gonna take a photo of the cheerleaders, drill team and all sports teams, don't leave everyone else out because we, the Band kids, were well-represented.)
-Casey Laden. Enough said.

Things that did change:

-Amazingly, we have a hot group of girls in our class. I was very surprised by this.
-Neha Patel smoking. (booooo)
-Thinking you know something about someone (having a baby) and finding out 10 years later it wasn't true. Oh my garage, I seriously thought this chick had a baby! People told me she did and I felt bad. She had my pity for over 10 years!
-How many people actually drink. But that really wasn't a surprise.

With nothing else to do there (no entertainment was provided except Casey Laden dancing to Journey), it was pretty boring. Neha, Angela Grier and Casey provided entertainment for Justin. He thought they were hilarious. And they are.

I went in with no expectations (if it sucked, we'd go to the hotel bar and if it didn't, well, we'd go to the bar provided). But it was about half and half. So, not too bad for 10 years later. But don't expect me to hit up my 20. Unless there's gambling.


TonyM said...

I missed my 10, thankfully. My 20 was a blast until Amanda C. came running with white powder under her nose. That kinda blew up the party. I was amazed at how many people did change and how many didn't. All the men were fat and bald, none know where the gym is or when to put down the spoon. Some of the girls were well taken care of and some weren't....But I guess that's what it's all about. You want to see what people have turned into after spending 12 years with them everyday.

Jessi said...

ya and somehow it makes you feel better about yourself. Sad huh.

Lorraine said...

No one organized a 10 year reunion for our class so we had an 11 year reunion. It was horrible. And Jessi - you are right. The same girls that were sluts back in '92 are sluts now; the people who were losers then are losers now...etc. And it was amazing how many people got drunk.

Jessi said...

Drinking was the only thing we all had in common. Sad.

Anonymous said...

since i plan on making it to the 20th you better freaking show up!

- julie mac (formerly of texas, now of chicago)

Jessi said...

Thats a big... prolly not. But a lot can change in 20 years. Like my caring to go. We'll see!

neha said...

i'm sorry about the smoking jessi...didn't know it affected (or is it effected?) you that much! enough to write about it! sorry to disappoint you. anywho, i had a lot of fun with you and your hubbie...glad he had fun with us! and i'm only going to the 20 year if you are!

Jessi said...

20...phish! Who knows. How about we just call up all of our friends, invite them all out to Vegas and just do our own thing! Sounds good to me.

neha said...

now that sounds even better!