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Monday, August 21, 2006

Maybe It's Just Us?

It seems that when Justin and I do anything big or have something planned, others cause problems. Take my wedding, September 15th 2001, yes the same week as all the terrorist activity. Last week, flying out for a great vacation to Madison WI and Chicago and I had to throw away my favorite Clinique lip gloss and I missed my flight!

We made it obviously because I got to see Regiment put the smack down on Blue Devils and the Cadets. 2nd place ain't too shabby! But I've also learned never to order DCI tickets online. I plan to call a friendly agent next week for my tickets (for next year in Pasadena!).

Our plan was to sit high for semi's and for final's sit low and be blown away. Besides the cold Wisconsin air, semi's was great. Our view was fabulous and the sound was pretty loud. So we were ready to be blown away on finals night.

We weren't. It was hard to be blown away sitting on the 13 yard line. But we still got to see many great shows. More like a few great shows. Ok, maybe one or two. It wasn't a fantastic year. We've got high hopes for next year.

We spent some time in Chicago with Justin's parents. I was scared to death on the 95th floor of the John Hancock Center (or as I called it "Herbie Hancock"). I finally got to see Wicked and let me tell was fabulous!! I also got to see the famous fountain from Married with Children (aka the Buckingham Fountain). Justin insisted on singing the song while walking around it. I finally put the kiabosh on that. And no vacation is complete without a trip to Ikea. They made it easy since everything is flat packed. So we just made sure we didn't buy any furniture that wouldn't fit in our suitcases.

Flight home, delayed. Lame. But we made it home and I had a crappy 3 days at work. Yeah! On to a better work week.


TonyM said...

We're going to get better seats?

Jessi said...

Of course! And we'll be blown away.

Writinggal said...

It really was a pain that those terrorists had to strike right before your wedding. Can someone please talk to them about their timing?

Jessi said...

I know! You boozing in the airport, others missing flights, me freaking out. Honestly, isn't there enough to freak out about during a wedding besides all that?

Jason Striegel said...

I'm still waiting for my copy of the video.

Happy belated anniversary. We miss you guys.