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Friday, August 01, 2008

______________ Economics?

I like my long hair. But you can't do much styling with long hair. The last time I got it cut, which wasn't that long ago, it was layered and I could part it with a nice side sweep. But my hair grows like weeds. So now it's just long again. Nothing awesome.

I want to cut it. Short. Not "mom" short but above my shoulders. But I'm thinking that would be too short for my face (think round and chubby). Plus I shed like no other and I'm tired of long hairs all over the place.

So, internets, should I cut it short?

Still haven't heard anything on our house offer. I hope (if they accept) we'll be able to close by October. That seems reasonable right? You know, cause it's August 1st and October seems so far away.

Speaking of it being August, DCI finals are next week and I haven't given any predictions this year. Honestly, I saw one show at the beginning of the season and I hung out at the beer tent all night so it's hard for me to say.

It's down to Blue Devils and Phantom from the scores I've seen. Obviously, I'd love to see Phantom win. It's my 10-year anniversary of my rookie year (not that actually means anything-cause we sucked back then. Well, I guess it's all relative because for a corps NOT to make it to finals would suck and we finished 8 out of 12). With each passing year I drift further and further away from the activity that took up so many years of my young adulthood. I miss WinterGuard and I want to teach again. Actually, I just want to clean. Anyone want a really good cleaner? Anyone? Bueller? (voodoo economics)

This weekend's plans:
Sew up my New Look shirt.
Play Rock Band with Justin
Possible trip to the Salon
Go see The X-Files

What's everyone else doing?


-Tony- said...

I have to say, I like your long hair, but it's been a while so I don't know how long 'long hair' really is on you.

It'll be Blue Devils - sorry. I'd like to see someone else win for a change.

This weekend for me....clean up the house, we have guest coming Saturday night and Sunday. We still don't have a guest shower and it's been killing me. I'd like to see Batman IMAX before it goes out of those screens. So maybe I'll sneak off tomorrow and see it. My flower beds need attention.

Sam Hennessy said...

I would vote for the long hair. That's just my preference, but I do see your point about not being able to do much with it.

Jessi said...

Sam! How you've been? Little girls growing up all cute?

Thanks guys, I like my long hair but I need a change. No bangs tho, Justin no like.

Mememememeeeee said...

I say just brushing the shoulders. I've been growing mine out, but it needs a trim...I like having long bangs.

Todd said...

My preference would be for short hair, but that's always my preference. Like a shag, not longer than like ear length. I did, however, go looking for evidence to support my preference for you and found the following info. Take it with a grain of salt. The Internet has been known to lie on occasion.

Medium length styles are not a wise choice for round faces; to elongate the face, the hair should continue past the chin or stop above the cheeks. Avoid these other style blunders if you wish to slim a round face:

* Chunky, heavy bangs only add weight to a round face.
* Curls next to the cheeks emphasize the roundness.
* Blunt ends near the cheeks add width to the face shape.
* Bobs are not recommended because they frequently emphasize cheeks. ------------------

MEG said...

Curl your hair into an Annie afro.

There are quite a few winter guards in Minneapolis, so I'm sure you could hook up with one of them.