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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Overheard at DCI Finals

At the bar:
"I want a happy ending." followed by a butt slap. (Things I OVERHEARD. I did NOT say this.)

At the show during Semi-finals. Cavaliers entering the field after a near perfect performance by Regiment:
"Samurai, you're going down!"
Followed by me, Jerry Springer style, "Oooooooo!"

After every good catch, the woman sitting behind me:


"And in 2nd place, with a score of 98.1......."

"The Blue Devils!"

However, the crowd was cheering for someone else!

Phantom Regiment deserved to win this year no question. Justin and I were really glad to be there to see it happen. I don't know what was more awesome, Regiment winning or Mike O. hugging me when they announced 2nd place. It was a momentous occasion either way. I guess he doesn't hate me ;) and I guess Regiment can do a Roman show and win.


MEG said...

Momentary lapse of judgment. ;)

Todd said...

It's amazing that hanging around you guys has infected me with DCI this much. I really found myself wishing I had gone this year and reading your re-cap is just twisting the knife. I need my DCI fix! So where are we going next year?

Jessi said...

Crown, your favorite group, did VERY well this year. You would have liked them again. And I think you would have liked Blue Coats. Fun show!

It's in Indy for the next, something like, 4 years. We've already mapped out where we are staying.

When we get the videos, and a house, you can just come over and we'll have a party :)

-Tony- said...

Can I come too?

I may need to do a Indy trip sometime to see what they've done to get DCI to park in one place for so long. It does sadden me that they won't be moving it around the country. It always made for great trips when it was all over the place.