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Monday, August 04, 2008

Spolier Alert

Who was/is a fan of The X-Files? That's what I thought. I seem to be the only one. Even Justin was leery of the show when he moved in with me 8 years ago. But I held my ground and watched it weekly. So did Justin by default and guess what...he started to like it.

Consider yourself warned if you haven't seen the new movie and want to. I've got some things to say.

We saw The X-Files this weekend. I liked it for many reasons. Mulder and Scully are still hot. It was creepy. No, there weren't any aliens but remember, half of the series was about faith, religion, medical experiments, and generally weirdos doing weird things to each other (Think "Home" or "Blood" or "Aubrey").

Once you realize that, then it's just one really long episode; much like their season finale cliffhangers. But this time you didn't have to wait 4 months for the conclusion. The best part, Amanda Peet dies. She wasn't really adding anything to the movie and neither was her sidekick, Exhibit-however he spells his name. Skinner would have been fine in that role. And for every fan who wanted Mulder and Scully to hook up....well, I won't spoil that for you.

It wasn't a summer blockbuster but I still enjoyed it as one last X-Files episode. Now I want to watch them all again from the beginning. Thinking back, the episodes were detail oriented but you never got the answers. Just more questions, leaving you unable to wait for the next episode because you! Now who can tell me what current show that sounds like?


-Tony- said...

I wasn't much of a fan of the TV show and when I moved out west I was subjected(?) to weekly gatherings of the X-Files Geeks Club at various homes around the area. I enjoyed the outing and the social aspect, but never did understand the whole affect that this had on the culture. I did go to see the 1st movie and enjoyed it, thinking that I really didn't need to know much of the setup from the TV show. We still haven't gone to see the current movie and I'm thinking that it's kind of strange that they would do this when it's been a bit of a break from the 1st movie and a very long time since the TV show. This weekend Kevin picked up from Costco X-Files Seasons 1 & 2. Should I watch em?

John said...

I have never seen an episode of the x-files, can you believe it? Before you answer, remember that my wife only enjoys "candy coated" movies/tv shows, so I pick my battles... x-files was not one of them.

But, as to your question about what show that sounds like, the answer is LOST. Without a doubt. As soon as it ends, I'm dying for the next one. and the next one.

I'm sorta like that with Heroes, too. But not to the same degree.

Jessi said...

Ding! Yep, I think LOST is the same way.

T-how much was season 1&2 at Costco? I might have to get them when Justin gets a job :)